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Physicians Can Access Pharmacogenetic Testing in Ohio and Beyond


TWINSBURG, OHIO (March 19, 2019) – Xact Laboratories announced a partnership with Clinisync, one of the most successful health information exchanges (HIE) in the nation, to offer its comprehensive PGx test, XactMed4U®, through the Clinisync platform.


The XactMed4U® test is a medication response test that analyzes a patient’s DNA to help physicians understand which medications and dosages work best for the individual patient, potentially leading to more effective prescriptions and fewer side effects.


With adverse medication events causing more than 770,000 injuries and deaths each year at a cost as high as $5.6 billion annually, physicians need powerful, yet accessible support tools in order to provide informed treatment decisions based on a patient’s unique genetic makeup. XactMed4U® takes pharmacogenetic information and makes it actionable for physicians. The solution pushes PGx results directly into the clinical setting so providers can more precisely diagnose and treat their patients.


“We are thrilled to drive access to our XactMed4U® test through CliniSync,” said Xact Laboratories Co-Founder, Jerry Wrobel. “This modernized health care platform revolutionizes access to patient health information and improves health care decisions and outcomes.” 


Clinisync makes it possible for hospitals, physicians, nurses and others who care for a patient to electronically share patient health information with one another. This solutionallows a patient’s health information to wrap around the patient, not just the facility.

“What’s exciting about our partnership with Xact is that its technology takes PGx results beyond the lab, directly into the clinical setting.” stated Dan Paoletti, CEO, Ohio Health Information Partnership/CliniSync HIE of CliniSync. “And, because your genetic makeup does not change over time,

XactMed4U®resultswill always available to any CliniSync hospital or health system, greatly improving the quality of patient care.”

By introducing the XactMed4U® test to over 150 healthcare facilities that are part of the CliniSync community, providers will now have the option to seamlessly integrate XactMed4U® and allow PGx testing to be requested directly from their EHR. The partnership will allow those providers to identify patients who may benefit most from the XactMed4U® test, order the test, and provide secure test results that are accessible across the entire CliniSync community.


Xact Laboratories patent-pending process allows for genotyping prompts, genomic decision support and critical alerts regarding drug efficacy, toxicity and known interactions to guide clinical decision-making and enable physicians to prescribe the safest, most effective medications in real time.


“Clinisync is well regarded for its breakthroughs in health information technology,” said Robert Todd, Co-Founder of Xact Laboratories. “We look forward to further enhancing Clinisync’s level of care with XactMed4U®.”


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