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Health Plan Services

Hospitals can electronically CONNECT

to health plans to quickly coordinate care for patients at no additional cost.
Automate your managed care agreement requirements to increase efficiency and save time.
Choose the clinical data you want to route and deliver in real time to any health plan participating in CliniSync.

CliniSync can use your existing interfaces to identify and route the information you choose to send to health plans based on the member’s eligibility and/or the patient’s primary insurance information validated during the hospital encounter. This process can replace the current inefficient paper, phone and fax trails.

Limit exchange to HIPAA-permitted uses.

Participating health plans agree to limit data to HIPAA-permitted uses for payment and health care operations as defined by law. Permitted uses include billing, claims management, utilization review, identifying members for care management and improving the accuracy of HEDIS/STARs measures, plus more.

Contact Peg Eichner, HIE Project Manager, for more information on Health Plan Services at

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